Monday, 28 March 2016

Tips to Prevent HP Customer Support Scams

Tech support these days has become the most popular services among computer users. But just like other things, it too has the different deceitful faces due to the felon service providers around the web. There are random people who give you a call and claim themselves to be the official tech support partner of XYZ Laptop Company and most of the times, due to have the lack of knowledge; you get duped by such individuals. However, in case if you are using HP laptop or computer, here are some easy ways you can work on to prevent them and get best HP customer support

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Don’t believe on any random call

When you have issues in your device, you look at numbers of websites to find the best support. And following your request you get numbers of calls, but who is better and trustworthy is a tricky decision to make. Therefore, you are suggested to not to believe on any random call because it could be fake. Cross check all the calls and take the as much detail as possible to get the best services. 

Double check before giving the remote access of your computer to any tech support

These could be hijackers or other fraudulent individuals, so you are suggested to not to give them the remote access of your computer to anyone unless you know their identity. Make sure that you have called the right trustworthy HP customer support toll free number. You are suggested to remove all confidential data from your computer before giving a remote access of your computer. 

Keep the track-record of the individuals or company

Before you allow someone taking access over your private computers, make sure that you perform a little background check to ensure that they are actually trustworthy and accessing your system only to get its error fixed. 

Don’t share your password details with anyone

Whether it is your system password or the email id passwords or anything else, don’t share anything with the individuals till you find out their identity. This may cause you confidentiality as well as your valuable data at the same time. 

If you have doubts on someone, file a compliant

Once you got trapped, you have no other way left than filing a complaint against them. This may give you some security or somewhere can help you retrieving your valuable loses. 

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